4 people. 3 continents. 2 long ago they were together. 1 blog.


Late at one historical night the following conversation unfolded with blinding precision across the Americas:

NY: Romke and andy in brooklyn, thinking of you guys (photo)

NY: i’ve been thinking, in the last hour or so, and i know that i’m quite drunk (romke introduced me to a nice german girl tonight), but i think we need to go back and trek the rwenzoris once more.   who’s in?

Tahoe: ahhh, I love that photo. I wish I was in Brooklyn with you guys! We need a Rwenzoris reunion. What is our next mountain to climb?

Patagonia: I’ve been thinking as well: how many beers must you drink in order for German girls to be nice?

And it wasn’t beer, it was a variety of cocktails.

NY: I’m impressed by all that thinking you guys did last night. I vaguely remember coming home, telling the goldfish she shouldn’t drink so much and then I must have passed out. Was dreaming of Andy disclosing his secret cocktail recipes all night.

So here it is: Goldfish and German Girls, a cocktail of variety.


  1. At least one story each every month. Then we will have 48 stories from Amsterdam, NY, Tahoe and Patagonia in a year. Start writing. Our lives are too cool to be hidden in gmail’s archives only and should leave our readers speechless, hence the domain name.
  2. ‘Tag’ your posts, minimum of 5 tags. If you do not know what a tag is, get a life first and then check (2) again.
  3. It is recommended to react on previous posts (not just yours, you narcissist!) and you should use at least one similar tag in a relatively meaningful manner.
  4. And of course, according to your prose has to be in one or more of these categories:
  • Humor
  • Legal
  • Physical object
  • Science
  • Surname
  • Other

Bonus points for the genius who manages to cover all categories in one post without mentioning Bill Clinton.


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